The Daily Mail at Hypoxizone

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Wedding Magazine

Editor Miranda Eason trials Hypoxi
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Angel Magazine

Jenny White at our previous address
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Glamour Magazine

Glamour’s Beauty Director on how she lost a stone in four weeks
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Best Magazine

Review by Claudia Connell
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Metro Newspaper

Vicki-Marie Cossar tries out a new cellulite-busting exercise to get pins like Cheryl Cole and Katie Price

Red Magazine

Rita Lewis, Red’s publisher, took a futuristic approach to smooth thighs…
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Fabric Magazine

Jenny Hall tries out and anti-cellulite treatment that promises to reduce the dreaded orange peel effect…
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You Beauty- We put the salons to the test
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Hypoxi Therapy: The perfect beach body with minimal effort?
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Alex Mattis tries a hi-tech training system that promises instant inch loss
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The X Factor’s Sinitta visits Prriya at Hypoxizone for hypoxitherapy sessions
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Real Magazine

“It works! I can’t believe it, but I’ve dropped a dress size and lost a total of 17.5 cm from around my bottom, stomach and thigh area. And my bum looks J Lo shapely”

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Verdict: 9.5/10

The Mirror – M Magazine

“Andrea’s cellulite has improved the most, I’d say by 45%. She has lost half a stone in weight, her bottom is tighter and lifted and skin is smoother on the backs of thighs.”

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Verdict: 10/10

Daily Mail

“I lost half a stone, my knees, calves and thighs looked slimmer, more toned and the skin was smoother.”

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Heat Magazine

“This is how Robbie gets so fit!”

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“Hypoxi Therapy, the latest in hi-tech cellulite-busting, teams technology with balanced dietary and lifestyle guidelines.”

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She Magazine

“The most effective cellulite and fat burning treatment yet…Cellulite free skin and inch loss that comes from burning fat, not water!”

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Womens Own Magazine

“After six sessions I can see a definite improvement in the shape of my thighs. I’ve lost about an inch and the excess baggage has practically gone.”

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Verdict: 10/10

The Independent

“To my amazement and delight I discover I’ve lost 2 inches from my waist, just 2 weeks in”


Suzanne Duckett: ‘Seeing is believing-for the results achieved the price is extremely good in comparison to other treatments on the market. The results are astonishing in the short amount of time from the stomach alone Paula lost 7.5cm’s

As seen on “How to Look Good Naked” with fantastic results!

Red Magazine

It worked for me: “The results were dramatic…I’ve lost 11lb and and nine inches off my hips, thighs and bum. My legs look smoother and feel firmer, and I’m thrilled to have found a treatment that does what it says on the tin.”

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Company Magazine

“After eight sessions, I’d lost 4cm from my bum, 6cm from my hips and 8cm from my waist. Now I’m hooked.”

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Verdict: 5/5


Nicola was measured after her final treatment and did lose both inches and cellulite. Her skin is smoother and the cellulite has lessened visibly. She also feels better.

Vacunaut News

SLIM FASTER: A ‘vacuum suit’ that will take inches from your waist in just a month? When it comes to the spare tyre, Rebecca Armstrong will try anything
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LUNCHTIME FIX: the Vacunauts billed as a non-surgical tummy tuck, offering a sexy six-pack in six weeks
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Hip and Healthy

“What’s the Hype with Hypoxi? This writer lost 6 pounds and 22cms… we’re all ears”

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