A beautiful figure is not always achievable through diet and exercise alone. This is because your body only burns fat which it can easily access. It will not burn fat in areas where circulation is poor. Diet and exercise do not always combat cellulite either. Weight loss and muscle building do not necessarily improve the texture of your skin either.

In order to shape your figure and smooth your skin, problematic areas of your body need to be targeted. This is exactly how HYPOXI® works - it concentrates on your problem areas during an easy cardio training programme. Targeted metabolic stimulation and a healthy diet are the key factors to achieving your right body proportions and desired figure. HYPOXI® has proven to yield amazing results, in as little as 12 sessions taken ideally within a one-month period.

Vacunaut is for the apple shaped male or female and HYPOXI® is for females who have cellulite and excess fat around the abdomen, hips and thighs. This easy cardio training is for thirty minutes and prior to that a session of HYPOXI® Dermology is recommended.

HYPOXI® was invented by an Austrian sports scientist Dr Egger, who noticed that stubborn fat deposits in poorly circulated areas are resistant to diet and exercise. The solution is straight forward - activate the burning of fatty acids by increasing blood circulation in problematic areas of the body with HYPOXI®.

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Massage your stress away.
A space for a conveniently located, thorough Massage, we offer: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Sports Massage to help take away the stress of city living. Our massages go deeper than most, to melt away physical tension, and importantly our therapists will hone in on the reasons behind it; tension in the shoulders might be from tension in the lower back, headaches might start in the neck etc.

Our massages are great for anyone that spends time at a desk, in heels, or generally feeling stressed out. These all over body massages are the ultimate antidote to a busy, modern life, and a real welcome for anyone who’s yet to find one good tension relieving massage.

Our therapists know their stuff, so expect to come away feeling relaxed, not just instantly but for many days later. Our massages are not offered in a Spa environment , complete with fluffy robes and pampering. We are high on results and low on glamour, so if you just want results and simply need to melt away the stress in your body do book yourself in.

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Worried about facial hair? Do you dream of having a silky smooth hair free body so you look good naked or wearing a swimsuit? Are you self-conscious about a hairy back and shoulders?

Well imagine no more: time-consuming electrolysis, expensive waxing, constant shaving, painful laser treatment, and those dreaded in-grown hairs!

IPL is a new type of hair removal technology that utilises light to disable the cells within the hair follicle and prevents the hair from growing back.

Experience the wonder of having smooth silky skin without going through the hassle and expense of all these other hair removal methods and visit our (London hair removal) centre. We offer IPL treatment – the safe, affordable and easy way to remove unwanted facial and body hair.

(Our London Hair Removal) clinic is the only centre in the area offering state of the art IPL hair removal. Our highly trained therapists, first class equipment and technology, guarantee fantastic results plus a friendly and relaxing experience.

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